Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fun with My N70

I have a Nokia N70 on Vodafone UK.

The firmware for this phone truly blows goats.

It's full of unpleasant, undocumented misfeatures - you can't use .mp3s as ringtones to push you to pay for ringtones, the phone's so bloated with chrome that the phone takes that little bit too long to respond, making the UI excruciating to use.

In short, it's a sack of shit, so I decided to do something about it.

The method detailed on the web (here) doesn't appear to work for UK Voda firmware - I suspect the firmware is too old.

So it was back to square 1. I found a couple of adverts on Google which offered a service, and one of them was not too far from Biscuit Town, so I gave them a call to check they could do a Voda N70 - which they could.

I treked down there on Saturday afternoon, and found myself in quite a suburban side-street, outside someone's house. This looked a bit dodgy, and I considered bailing, until I remembered how shitty the service and treatment in high street stores is.

I rang the bell, and was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by half of a lovely geek couple who were running their business out of their front room while they found a space in central London for a reasonable rent (good luck).

They were really nice and friendly and we exchanged email addresses after we'd backed my data up, reflashed the phone (using a hardware flasher called JAF - Just Another Flasher) and recopied my data.

The new firmware is so much better than the Vodafone. The phone feels snappier, more responsive and generally not shit.

I have an mp3 as ringtone now, and I'm working on getting LifeBlog working. Currently, I am having problems getting it to post. I suspect that the Vodafone HTTP proxies don't like either the Content-Type: or possibly Basic Auth that the Atom posting API uses.

I will investigate further.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Hi, welcome to my blog.

This is not my main personal blog - that's elsewhere. This is mostly a tech blog, and also my chance to talk about some of the things on my mind in a different space to usual. I won't intentionally identify anyone I talk about, and I won't respond to speculation - and will delete any comments I don't like.

That said, come on in.