Saturday, September 02, 2006

Skype, and getting my BT headset working

I have a Powerbook and a Cellink BTST-9000a headset with mic.

Until now, I had no reason to get them playing together, but a good friend (who lives on the other side of the world) popped up on Skype, so I felt motivated to get going on it.

The manual, which you will need, is here. The key trick to get it working with a Mac is that, as it needs a passkey (1234, by default), you will have to detect it from the "Setup Bluetooth Device" menu option as "Any Device", not "Headset". That should get it actually visible to the Mac.

Now, when you're actually wanting to use it for sound, you'll have to set up the sound preferences in the Sound option of System Preferences. Manually choosing it for sound input and output each time - there doesn't seem to be an option to say: "If you can see the headset (ie, it's in range and not switched off) - prefer it to the speakers / internal mic"

Still, it works, and Skype should now be a little less painful.

Music sounds like semi-shitty Internet radio, however.